Newborn care

NeoNatalie Live

Reflecting the variance in lung compliance and initial heart rate that can happen in real life.

NeoNatalie Resuscitator

Helping health workers resuscitate and support asphyxiated newborns and small infants at birth.


Realistic training to save the smallest ones.

Upright Bag Mask

Mask seal and effective ventilations for newborns and infants who require respiratory support.

Newborn Mask

A reusable newborn mask, available in two sizes.


CarePlus is perfect for practicing proper skin-to-skin contact with small babies.

Penguin Newborn Suction

Easy removal of fluids from a newborn's nose and mouth.

Nifty Feeding Cup

Nifty feeding cup is a reusable product designed as a solution for babies with breastfeeding difficulties.


Practice standard newborn care and resuscitation measures to better handle birth asphyxia.


Newborn heart rate meter with accurate and continuous display of newborn heart rate.


Quick and accurate feedback on fetal heart rate.