Postpartum Uterus Trainer
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Mama-U represents a postpartum uterus after birth. It supports training in postpartum IUD and uterine balloon tamponade insertions and other postpartum uterus interventions. The model is ultra-portable and can be used as a tabletop model for task training, or inside MamaNatalie for a complete birth simulation.

Developed to complement the Helping Mothers Survive training program, Mama-U helps healthcare providers improve their skills in management of PPH, postpartum family planning, counseling, and respectful care.

Competent care

The anatomically correct postpartum uterus enables effective teaching and practice of postpartum Intrauterine Devices insertion. It also supports training in uterine balloon tamponade, and other practices such as cervical and vaginal inspection, gauze packing, and bimanual compression.

Respectful care

Provide healthcare providers the opportunity to practice respectful care, and competent management of various scenarios.

Visual confirmation of proper insertion

Mama-U allows learners and instructors to see if the Intrauterine Device (IUD) was placed correctly which enables instructors to provide feedback during hands-on practice.

  • The model has all relevant anatomical features: fundus, cervix, and perineum along with the possibility to extend the uterus (relevant for insertion of postpartum IUD).
  • The uterine angle can be changed by applying pressure to the model.
  • It is possible to practice “blinded” placements and lift the cover of the uterus to evaluate placement.
  • Together with Sister-U, Mama-U was designed to complement family planning training and act as counseling aids for healthcare workers.
  • from 10 min up to 48 hours after the delivery of the placenta
  • Visual access of the uterine cavity and adjustable vagino-uterine angle.
  • Product size  (L x W x H) [cm]: 0,340×0,180×0,100
  • Product weight (kg): 1
  • Operating temperature [°C]: +15º to +40º
  • Storage temperature [°C]: 20º Relative Humidity: 5-95%
  • Materials: Neoprene, PUR  Polyether, POM, Nylon, Polyseter, PVC, Latex, Stainless Steel

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