Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
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Moyo is a compact digital fetal monitor used during labor to help healthcare providers make timely, informed decisions by providing quick and accurate feedback on fetal heart rate.

Product contains lithium-ion battery.

*This product can not be shipped to the USA.

Timely and accurate monitoring

A 9-crystal sensor accurately detects the fetal heart rate (FHR) within seconds. Dual electrodes differentiate the maternal from the fetal heart rate, which differs from a regular doppler. Moyo can be used continuously or intermittently.

Better response to abnormalities during labor

Early detection of abnormal FHR guides decision-making and helps health workers to act quickly. A 30-minute histogram displays the FHR, and audio-visual alarm is activated if abnormal FHR is detected.

Confident health workers and happy mothers

Moyo is lightweight and portable — it can monitor continuously, even while the mother is moving around. It gives a longer heart rate history that informs health workers of the situation and eases the workload without interrupting existing routines.

  • Both intermittent and continuous monitoring
  • 9-crystal sensor for better accuracy
  • Differentiates the maternal and the fetal heart rate
  • 30-minute histogram display of the FHR
  • Audio-visual alarm if abnormal FHR is detected
  • Lightweight and portable, can monitor continuously, even while the mother is moving around
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Size: 96 x 96 x 24 mm (W x H x D, without cable and ultrasound transducer)
  • Weight: 300 g (main unit + ultrasound transducer)
  • Operating temperature [°C]: 0 to +40
  • Storage temperature [°C]: -20 to +60
  • CE or Notified Body Number: CE2460
  • Product conformity with standards: IEC 60601-1, ISO 10993
  • Battery:
    • Run time (full charge on fresh battery): >10 hours
    • Internal rechargeable battery, Lithium-ion, 3.7 V, 2600 mAh
    • Lithium battery energy content [Wh]: 8,9
    • Lithium Battery Weight: 45g
    • Are Batteries Required? Yes (rechargeable, embedded in product)
    • Number of Lithium-ion cells: 2
    • Storage requirement: Battery needs to be recharged every 12th month when product is not in use.
  • Materials:
    • Main body: ABC/PC, stainless steel
    • Ultrasound transducer: ABS
    • Transabdominal belt: high elastic polyester, non-latex
    • Neck strap: Polyester, non-latex
  • Ultrasound Transducer:
    • Display range: 30-250 bpm
    • No detectable heart rate or heart rate <30 bpm displayed as “-?-“
    • Accuracy: short term average +/-5% or +/-5 bpm, whichever is greater, in the range of 50 – 150 bpm
  • Maternal HR Electrodes:
    • Display range: 50-250 bpm
    • No detectable heart rate or heart rate <50 bpm displayed as “-?-“
    • Accuracy: short term average +/-5 bpm in the range of 50-200 bpm
  • Reprocessing methods:
    • Spray 70% ethanol on the surface of Moyo, or wet Moyo with a clean cloth dampened with 70% ethanol.
    • Let it stay for a minimum of 10 minutes.
    • Wipe Moyo with a clean cloth dampened with clean water, then let dry.