NeoNatalie Live

Newborn Ventilation Trainer
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NeoNatalie Live is a smart skills trainer designed to build competency and confidence in health workers in providing newborn resuscitation. Through realistic patient cases with immediate, objective performance feedback, health workers are able to develop and maintain their skills in newborn ventilation.

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NeoNatalie Live complements newborn care programs like Helping Babies Breathe and Essential Newborn Care. It enables both team-based simulation training as well as individual training for retaining skills over time.

Realistic training that boosts confidence and performance

NeoNatalie Live simulates four different patient cases that reflect the variance in lung compliance and initial heart rate that can happen in real life. The manikin responds realistically to ventilation efforts, with chest rise, increase in heart rate, and baby-cry to signal spontaneous breathing after successful resuscitation

Efficient training and quality improvement

With self-directed training sessions, NeoNatalie Live supports health workers to train individually or as a team even when a facilitator in not present, and without having to leave their place of work. The NeoNatalie Live app provides objective feedback immediately after a session, offering health workers concrete tips on how to improve their ventilation skills. Data collected by NeoNatalie Live can be used for debriefing, reporting and quality improvement at the facility.

Convenient training for busy health workers

Having NeoNatalie Live in a hospital or clinic allows health workers to have convenient in-situ training —short, easy training sessions that can happen frequently and fit in the health workers’ busy schedule. Studies show that this Low-Dose, High-Frequency model effectively transfers knowledge and skills into improved clinical care.

Confidence using heart rate information to guide ventilation

NeoNatalie Live addresses the importance of ECG heart rate to guide resuscitation. Choose to view the heart rate on the app or with NeoBeat —an easy-to-use heart rate meter that provides an accurate and continuous display of newborn heart rate.

The Safer Births research project

NeoNatalie Live was developed as part of the Safer Births research project, in Haydom, Tanzania .
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  • Short and self-directed sessions encouraging low-dose, high-frequency training
  • Four different patient cases with varying initial heart rate and lung compliance
  • Patient cases based on over 1,200 actual newborn resuscitations, providing realistic ventilation training
  • Objective feedback on ventilation quality in terms of pressure, rate, continuity and airway patency
  • Detection of head tilt for open or closed airways
  • Visible chest rise
  • Realistic heart rate affected by ventilation performance
  • Compatible with NeoBeat*
  • Varying lung compliance — can simulate water-filled lungs
  • Crying sound for successful resuscitation
  • Umbilical cord with connector to simulate cord-cutting
  • Measures bag-mask ventilation performance
  • Product size  (L x W x H) [cm]: 49x24x12
  • Product weight (kg): 1,8
  • Operating temperature [°C]: 0 to +40
  • Storage temperature [°C]: -10 to +50
  • Materials: TPU, ABS, LDPE, PVC
  • Material Free: Latex, Lead
  • Reprocessing methods: Clean all skin parts regularly. Use a lint-free cloth to remove dirt and dust. Clean skin with mild soap and water. Do not submerge. Can be cleaned with antibacterial disinfectant (70% ethanol / isopropanol).
  • CE or Notified Body Number: CE
  • Product conformity with standards: IEC 62368-1, FCC, IC


  • Lithium battery energy content [Wh]: 7,59
  • Lithium Battery Weight: 48g
  • Are Batteries Required: Rechargeable, embedded in product
  • Number of Lithium-ion cells: 1
  • User guide
  • Baby cap
  • Baby blanket
  • USB charger and cable