MamaBirthie CS

Birthing and safe c-section simulator
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MamaBirthie CS enables you to train for cesarean section as well as normal births and birth complications. This solution includes the MamaBirthie birthing simulator with BabyBirthie and an additional module for training safe cesarean section. It can be used as a tabletop model for demonstration and skills training and can be worn on the body during in-situ team simulation.



Train for cesarean section

Demonstrate and practice for:

  • C-sections including surgical technique.
  • Abdominal delivery including breech and deeply engaged head.
  • Severe PPH management through B-Lynch suture, and suturing of the uterus and abdominal tissue layers.
  • You can also train for abdominal and vaginal examinations, normal birth, vacuum assisted delivery, shoulder dystocia and breech birth.

Skills training for c-section techniques

Use MamaBirthie CS to demonstrate and practice evidence-based surgical techniques during cesarean section. Techniques includes delivery of the baby and placenta as well as suturing of the uterus and abdominal layers.

Reusable and durable

Set-up and training with MamaBirthie CS is as easy as it gets, with no need for additional consumables such as lubricants or replacements. It is made with durable textile materials, allowing the simulator to be reused for 1500 delivery cycles and suturing.

Quality, women-centered care

Train for the entire continuum of care, from labor management and decision making, to managing complicated births and necessary cesarean sections. All with respectful care for mother and baby.

“I found this simulator user-friendly and easy to implement in all settings. I believe if we did a comparison between those who trained with the simulator and those who did not, I am confident we would see a major difference in competence.”

Melese Takele
Emergency Surgical Officer at FMHC
Former President of Professional Association for Emergency Surgical Officers of Ethiopia

  • Highly durable – can facilitate 1500 training cycles of cesarean delivery and suturing without the use of lubricant or consumables
  • Supports simulation of different delivery techniques like cephalic delivery, breech maneuvers and reverse breech delivery for deep impacted head
  • Supports training of B-lynch suture for PPH management

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