NeoBeat Mini

Newborn Heart Rate Meter
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NeoBeat Mini is a reusable and consumable-free heart rate meter. NeoBeat Mini is intended for use on newborns weighing 0.8 – 2 kg. 

Product contains lithium-ion battery.

This product can not be shipped to the USA.

When life starts

NeoBeat takes seconds to put on a newborn’s torso and presents the heart rate rapidly. With rapid detection of heart rate, clinicians may have a better understanding of the newborn, enabling a timely continuation of care.

Rapid detection of heart rate for small and premature newborns

– ECG provides reliable heart rate reading seconds after application to newborn

– Heart rate displayed digitally in numerical format

– Turns on when motion detected

– Can be applied directly to wet newborn skin, saving time in the critical seconds after birth

– Apply to newborn’s abdomen area, front or back. Can be used whilst baby is skin to skin with mother

NeoBeat is available in two sizes

NeoBeat Mini:
Intended for use on newborns weighing 0.8 – 2 kg.

Intended for use on newborns weighing 1.5 – 5 kg.
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  • Dry electrodes to pick up an ECGbased signal, as recommended by ILCOR.
  • Mountable charging stand for quick and easy access to the device.
  • Bright, digital display that informs a single provider or a larger team on the newborn’s heart rate.
  • Can be placed on the back of the baby to obtain heart rate while enabling skin-to-skin.
  • Reusable and consumable-free.
  • Product size  (L x W x H) [cm]: 7,0 x 7,0 x 4,0
  • Product weight (kg): 0,027
  • Operating temperature [°C]: 0 to +40
  • Storage temperature [°C]: -40 to +70
  • Materials: Polyamide, TPU
  • Material Free: Latex, Lead
  • CE or Notified Body Number: CE2460
  • Product conformity with standards: IEC 60601-1, ISO 10993
  • Battery:
    • Lithium battery energy content [Wh]: 0,44
    • Lithium Battery Weight: 3.2g
    • Are batteries required? Yes (rechargeable, embedded in product)
    • Number of Lithium-ion cells? 1
    • Storage requirement: Battery needs to be recharged every 6th month when product is not in use.
  • Reprocessing methods:
    • Wipe all surfaces of NeoBeat with a clean cloth soaked with 70% ethanol. Spray 70% ethanol on all surfaces of NeoBeat. Ensure it remains wet for a minimum of 10 minutes.
    • Repeat spraying as necessary to account for evaporation.
    • Allow to air dry
  • NeoBeat Mini  
  • Mounting bracket  
  • Charging stand with USB cable
  • Power adapter with interchangeable plugs  
  • Newborn Bag-Mask holder
  • User guide