Penguin Newborn Suction

Newborn Suction
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Penguin is a simple, high-quality suction bulb designed to aid health workers to safely remove obstructing fluids from a newborn’s nose and mouth, to help them breathe. The Penguin can be reprocessed and reused.

Simply precise

The Penguin fits in the hand and easily applies sufficient suction. The Penguin’s head allows you to quickly empty suctioned for continued suction. The see-through silicone allows you to see the contents after suction.


The Penguin is made of high-grade silicon, which is easy to clean and disinfect. The soft beak shaped nozzle is gentle to the baby’s mouth and nostrils.

Affordable and sustainable

Currently being used by healthcare providers across the world in newborn resuscitation, replacing single-use suction devices.

  • Made of high-grade silicone to withstand hundreds of uses.
  • Soft, flexible suction tip with length and shape are gentle to the newborn.
  • Detachable head opens with unique one-piece hinge design.
  • Transparency allows for visual inspection of suctioned matter and cleanliness.
  • Can be sterilized with autoclaving or high-level disinfected with boiling or chemical disinfection.
  • Ergonomic form for precise control.
  • Stands upright and will not roll away.
  • Meets recommendations of providing vacuum of up to 100 mmHG (136 cmH2O)
  • Product size  (L x W x H) [cm]: 5.22×4.95×13.3
  • Product weight (kg): 0,058
  • Operating temperature [°C]: 0 °C to 50 °C
  • Storage temperature [°C]: -20 °C to 60 °C
  • Materials: Silicone rubber (SI)
  • Material Free: Latex, Phthalates
  • Suction tip dimensions at tip: ID 3.0 mm, OD 4.5 mm
  • Suction strength (typical) 100 mmHg (136 cmH2O)
  • Fluid capacity: 75 ml
  • Reprocessing methods:
    • Cleaning with soap and water
    • Boiling 10-20 minutes
    • Steaming 10-20 minutes
    • Chemical – Act. Glutaraldehyde
    • Autoclaving
  • CE or Notified Body Number: CE
  • FDA listing / 510(k) number: Listed / N/A
  • Product conformity with standards: ISO 10993

Caution – counterfeit version of Penguin Newborn Suction

Dear trusted Partners and Customers,

It has come to our attention that counterfeit versions of one of our products, the Laerdal Penguin Newborn Suction, have been offered and sold to our partners and customers, labeled with imitated Laerdal labels.

Please be aware that copy-products of the Laerdal Penguin Newborn Suction with and without Laerdal labels, may not only infringe Laerdal Global Health’s intellectual property (IP) rights in a range of jurisdictions, including Europe (pat. 2424585 and 001653775), India (226556), Japan (pat. 5554829 and 1400857), US (pat. 8,696,648 and D634,002) and Australia (pat. 20091729), but more importantly,  could compromise safety and quality aspects for the users.

The Laerdal Penguin Newborn Suction is developed and manufactured in compliance with international directives and recognized standards to ensure consistent quality and safe use on patients. Moreover, the Laerdal Penguin is designed with durability and sustainability in mind and can therefore be reprocessed and reused over and over again using easily available reprocessing methods. This may not be the case for copy-products.

Laerdal Global Health has been made aware of these copy-products through customers experiencing quality issues. The customers may have been misled to believe that the copy-cat products were manufactured by Laerdal.

We cannot offer any quality assurance for products that have not been purchased through the Laerdal sales companies, authorized distributors, dealers, or resellers.
Any malfunction or damage that may occur as a result of the use of copy-products is neither warranted nor supported by Laerdal Global Health.

Laerdal Global Health is committed to helping save one million more lives by 2030 in a sustainable manner. We take pride in ensuring good labor conditions for our workforce and for having a continuous focus on improving our environmental footprint. We, therefore, urge you to pay close attention to the origin of the products you procure. Buying original products from Laerdal Global Health guarantees safe quality products that does not infringe third-party IP rights.

We continuously consider our options to take legal actions to prevent distribution of infringing copy products.

This is how you can distinguish an original Laerdal Penguin Newborn Suction from a copy product:

  1. The packaging label holds Laerdal’s name and does not appear like a «photocopy».
  2. The polybag is sealed and holds the User Guide booklet in colored print.
  3. The suction device holds the names «Penguin Newborn Suction» and «Laerdal» on the penguin’s «wings».
  4. The suction device is with completely transparent material.

If in doubt, please take pictures and contact Laerdal for confirmation of authenticity.