Nifty Feeding Cup

Feeding Cup
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Nifty feeding cup is a reusable product designed as a solution for babies with breastfeeding difficulties that allows the baby to control the pace of feeding. It is easy to use and clean, and avoids the wasting of breastmilk. 

Know How Much Baby is Getting

Mothers can express directly into the Nifty Cup, and with millimeter measurements on the side of Nifty, they can more easily monitor how much the baby is eating.

Control the Pace of Feeding

Nifty has a reservoir for the infant to lap milk from in order to control the pace of feeding. This helps ensure the baby doesn’t get too much at a time.

Nifty is Reusable

Boilable, and autoclavable, Nifty can be cleaned used repeatedly to address the feeding needs of baby.

  • Reusable, boilable, and autoclavable.
  • Millimeter feeding measurements on side of cup.
  • Soft silicone material is gentle against the mouth of the infant.
  • Reservoir for the infant to lap milk from to control the pace of the feeding.
  • Mother can express directly into Nifty.
  • Product size  (L x W x H) [cm]: 8.1×5.3×5.1
  • Product weight (kg): 0,017
  • Operating temperature [°C]: 0 °C to 50 °C
  • Storage temperature [°C]: -20 °C to 70 °C
  • Materials: Silicone rubber (SI)
  • Material Free: Latex, Phthalates
  • Reprocessing methods:
    • Cleaning with soap and water
    • 2a. Boiling 10-20 minutes
    • 2c. Chemical – Chlorine 0.5%
    • Autoclaving
  • Product conformity with standards: EN 14350-1

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Nifty 3 pack LGH-960-00033, Nifty 50 pack LGH-960-00133